Introducing of Kids Club "Little bee"

The kids club is located on the grounds of Private primary school in Zilina, Oravska cesta 11, in Solinky suburb. The classrooms are situated in a peaceful part of the building.

The kids club is furnished with brand new wooden furniture certified for use in kindergartens and kids clubs.

Besides the spacious classrooms and gymnasiums, children will be able to use two playgrounds, traffic playground and spacious barbecue / picnic place and a large garden.

We are not beginners in providing educational services - we are here for you and your children for more than 10 years. Our “Little Bee” is therefore a natural development and expansions of our services

“Little Bee” will offer improvement of mother tongue abilities (Slovak language) and daily English courses through interactive teaching aids, textbooks, DVD, CD Oxford Press. English teachers will play and communicate with children in foreign language every day to improve their language skills – a cute English-speaking hand puppet Monkey will be a lot of help.

We would like to emphasize that in our kids club, your child has the opportunity of smooth transition to the 1. grade of Private primary school, situated in the same building.  This process is provided naturally, without stress and creates an uninterrupted process of education.